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What could have been

I had to produce these bits of film to show what I had imagined in my head what my animation film would have looked like had it been projected outside using a proper outdoor projector.

I am aware that projectors don't work as well during the day but there are some that are able to produce a clear image in the middle of the day.

I wanted to have fun and compare myself to a previous student at Falmouth who studied outdoor projection for his PhD, Ian Biscoe. He was part of a team who in the summer of 2014 managed to organise a huge fun fair event right in the middle of the Falmouth town. His job was to organise the projection and he put on a dazzling display of projections that involved 3 of the main buildings on the moore, including the Methodist church and the council building that I did in the photos above.

His works were dazzling with bright colours, intense and fluid motion graphics. They can be found on the event website: