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The Wrong Cornetto. At last.

My animation film is complete!!!

After many days of long hours trying to complete this film to the standard I want from the level that I’m at, I’ve finally completed my film.

The text that have been inserted here between the scenes all have the purpose of setting the atmosphere of the character. Some are meant to both obviously contradict and parallel this apparently stupid looking character, such as the Oscar Wilde and Marie Curie quotes. To me these particular quotes hold some intellectual value that I don't want the character to understand. The text in the middle of the film is meant to say what's on the character's mind as the story develops, reflecting his emotions and sincerest frustrations in order to propel him into the angry frenzy that he has. This was inspired by old silent films that I've seen. The final words at the end are quotes that reflect our modern times and, what i consider to be, the deepest objective reasons for why modern society has turned some of us into these kinds human beings.



  • I’ve become much better at using Photoshop and Premiere Pro and still learning how to use After Effects.

  • I learnt better ways to edit film.

  • I’ve learnt a huge amount about animating and through this medium I’ve been able to explore and develop a big part of my art. Specifically w