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Indoor Projections (Stills)

Projecting inside:

I took out a little portable projector for the week to play with my animations in a different way, specifically by displaying them onto objects and walls to see the effects. Leaving behind my animating and digital manipulation for the moment, I wanted to play with what I already had using material from the previous term and material from this term.

Reminding myself of the work by Tony Oursler and getting re-inspired, I went to London with my projector and displayed my animations in by brother’s apartment. He a big map of the world, various nice things and plenty of complicated-looking formulas on his walls. All these were unique in their own right but I wanted to see how my animations looked on them.

The intention for this was to display a particular expression onto these objects individually and create a kind of narrative between the character’s mood that I projected and the object.

These are my favourites:

- For instance, the character who’s biting his lip and looking like he’s about to explode in anger is looking at the nice bottle of wine. To me he may be angry because it’s the wrong, bloody wine. Despite it being a really nice, tasty brand of wine, this guy is still angry at the fact that to him it’s not the one he wanted. This narrative works for me because it’s a narrative that applies well with my projects theme because he’s getting angry over something that’s not ideal for him. He clearly wants a perfect life and feels that he doesn’t have it.

- In this projection my narrative is that the character is a mad scientist whose spent years trying to achieve something in his field of science but hasn’t been able to and he has finally broken down to madness for it. Realising what you are trying to achieve eventually won’t be of any use to anyone has a breaking point. We’ve all experienced something like that and it really hurts when you hit this breaking point. This is meant to express that and that bit extra that the human body cannot express.

- Using the same formula-covered walls I displayed a stupid face. This is just a bit of playful combing; getting together a stupid character and making him interact with complicated formulas. It’s just funny! How did he get there?!

These are the rest:

With this theme in mind we can apply it to the rest of my displays. Everything I displayed in this apartment was intentional to express a sense of madness in relation to the object. It had to be so that the expressions looked wacky and out of place but still potentially appropriate to the the objects capability of provoking the expressions if one were to apply slapstick humour to the scenarios and a melodramatic feel.

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