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Indoor Projections (Stills)

Projecting inside:

I took out a little portable projector for the week to play with my animations in a different way, specifically by displaying them onto objects and walls to see the effects. Leaving behind my animating and digital manipulation for the moment, I wanted to play with what I already had using material from the previous term and material from this term.

Reminding myself of the work by Tony Oursler and getting re-inspired, I went to London with my projector and displayed my animations in by brother’s apartment. He a big map of the world, various nice things and plenty of complicated-looking formulas on his walls. All these were unique in their own right but I wanted to see how my animations looked on them.

The intention for this was to display a particular expression onto these objects individually and create a kind of narrative between the character’s mood that I projected and the object.

These are my favourites: