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My Exhibition Space

My Show

Now that I’m here in my studio space, I’ve been able to set up my film in the space that I wanted with a big wall.

As I hoped, my animation looks just as good as I envisioned. Because the character’s face has been scaled up to fit the wall, the fluidity and motion of everything that he does speeds up and is bolder. The bigger you make something like this, the faster it’ll have to move across the wall in order to reach the other side because of the size of the screen.

Although the paintings are not to be marked for this assessment, I still want them to be acknowledged. At first this idea of putting my paintings on the wall around the room with my film was just to fill in the empty spaces that I had. But I was pleasantly surprised when I noticed that the paintings complemented my film! Even though they may be in a different style and medium to the animation itself, the theme and energy they have are the same. The vibe they give off links everything together and its not hard to see what they all have in common with each other.

The addition of the paintings also helps enhance the immersive effect that I wanted. Being drowned in this explosive, exaggerated energy with all these characters exploding into over-the-top energy. To me its exciting to see this kind of energy all around me but I hope to give the audience something highly distracting to be immersed in. I want to display this as over-the-top energy that we all sometimes give out to each other.

The final text quotes I put in taken from Sebastian Junger were the things that stuck out to me the most out of the entire experience. These quotes were what brought down the entire mood of the room to a level of seriousness. This was brilliant because that was exactly what I hoped for! The seriousness of the issue I want to address summed up in a few lines surrounded by overkill and slapstick humour. It gives the audience something to think about after they leave the room. That my work isn’t all just funny faces and over-the-top emotions, but a severe message behind it.

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