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Anime Inspired Experiment

I’ve taken the bit from my animation film where the character, whilst in the middle of his tantrum, pulls his eyes out of his sockets in sheer frustration. This segment of the film, in my mind, is the most expressive in terms of pure frustration and anger. For me it hits the spot for expressing this in ways the human body cannot be able to. Sometimes watching or listening to something that expresses not just how you feel, but beyond that too. This is a perfect example of this mode of expression.

I played with this in Adobe After Effects to explore ways in which I can enhance this frustration even further. The most striking way I’ve been able to do so far was using fluid, anime action lines running down the screen. I wacked up the posturize setting and brought down the opacity and made two layers of this to sandwich the character in the film. It’s fluid, dramatic, bold and unsettling and hits the spot for me in terms of expressing sheer frustration.

It is unfortunate that I’ve left it a bit too late in the term to be able to apply this kind digital manipulation onto my entire film because if I did now it’ll be rushed and inconsistent with the various moods that the character goes through in the 8 minutes. By exploring it this way in segments I can display my editing and manipulation explorations and still learn how to use the programs that I’m using.

The main purpose of this experiment was to learn how to use Adobe After Effects because if I wanted to pursue any form of job or project involving animation then I should at least learn the basics. This project has been a good opportunity to do that. Here I’ve journeyed through After Effects to make an anime inspired GIF using a few frames from my animation film.

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