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Outdoor Projections (Short Films)

The projections looked a lot crazier when they were in motion. The boldness they had were imposed on the building and the surrounding environment. These were a huge step from animating in the studio because I was able to apply all that I'd learnt about outdoor projection from artists like Tony Oursler and Krzysztof Wodiczko and see if any of it would work for me. Obviously most of it wouldn't but that's fine because I was going to bring something new to the table.

These are my favourites from that night out:

Here I projected my mad laughter face onto the darker side of the cylindrical wall of the church. The face from where I stood moved faster across the the wall due to the curvature. This was a nice surprise because the animation flowed much faster and was also bouncier and scarier. That was also due to the scale of it too.

On top of that I received my first public audience that night. They complemented my wacky work and went off on their merry way!

Angry face next to the Falmouth sign. Seemed fitting. Also the little window shaped hole in the wall was great to try and slip a projection in. Although none of them actually fitted unfortunately.

This character burst through out of the hole in anger over the university walls.

A final projection onto a Jesus sign again to see what kind of connection they could make together. To see what sort of narrative might pop to mind. To spark some comedy in the scenario that this creates.

These are the rest in a single film:

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