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Old Silent Films

I’ve been looking at a couple of silent films and I just want to show the one thing that I took away from this genre of film which is the way that it has been edited to show text in subtitle form right after an obvious piece of interaction between people. I wanted to see ways in which this was done back in the old days. The drama is all visual with the aid of some music in the background to help set the mood.

Seeing as I didn’t want to put any sound in with my animation, this gave me a challenge to see if it can still be dramatic and powerful enough for it to do what I want. Relying entirely on visuals to make the noise (metaphorically) whilst being entirely in your face.

A silent film I particularly liked is called “Nosferatu, a symphony of horror" or just "Nosferatu" ( It’s a 1922 classic German Expressionist horror film about vampires and werewolves. This film is a good example of how I was inspired to arrange the text in my animation film the way I did.

This together with my inspiration from the Evangelion anime I mentioned previously, I was able to bring together both my inspirations to make what I thought was something new.

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