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Indoor Projections (Short Films)

All these projections were initially GIFs that I made in the Christmas term. It was material that was already at a good level for me to take to the next level so that I could carry out the things I wanted to do as explained in the previous post.

These are my favourite projections from that London trip:

Madness on a piano! I felt that boogie woogie music to me has always a genre of madness. Happy madness. The screaming, rattling bouncing of the keys are all the thought and energy running about inside the skull.

Stupidity vs formulaic intelligence. I liked this piece for the paradox that it created; seeing a very stupid looking character staring into space floating amongst some very complicated looking formulas. We’ve seen something similar to this somewhere but it was fun to be able to create my own scenario here.

This mad character has taken over the world and now there’s nothing left to conquer. What does he do now?! His face bouncing across the world was quite striking to me as it was fairly daunting on a scale like that and mixing with metaphors as such involving global domination, in my mind, reflecting the current political climate.

This character is simple pissed off that its not the right wine that he’s received.

These are the rest that I've put together in a single film:

It was by this point that I discovered narratives work really well with my projections and have potential to be taken to another direction in my work. Taking these animations to places and objects really turn them into something more wholesome when there's something for them to interact with.

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