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This animation blew me away. Its a pilot episode for something bigger and it has a colour scheme which it should show off a lot more. Urbance, according to its website, is a trans media project aimed at young adults that tells of this dystopian world where everything is being controlled by this organisation called COEVO ( In this world sexuality and entertainment are under strict supervision with many don'ts rather than do's leaving much room for rebellious behaviour. This is why the pilot episode is set in this underground nightclub where the young adults can go crazy.

The main reason I mention this animation is for the colours!! The artists behind this project have created this absolutely stunning colour scheme that incorporates the rebellious vibes, futuristic glamour and electrifying energy of the youth in this dystopian world.

The most distinguishing feature about the colours are the neon lights that stick out from amongst the characters' clothes and attire such as the COEVO watches and the screens.

The night club vibes are visually intense because of how artificial the setting has to be. Everything is either switched on or glowing leaving all the natural earthly colours to be smothered by all these lights. Nothing is natural yet it shows how alive everything and everyone is.

I've been studying these colours by pausing and recording the colour combinations in certain frames on Photoshop to understand how and why the colours sit together the way they do. Arguably these colours don't work together that well because none of it is natural however you could argue that that's why it works. The artificiality of it all allows the colours to be what they want to be therefore it can work under the umbrella of URBANCE.

It is this electrifying energy that I want for my animations. The artificial lighting that allows for these colours to explode makes a character alive in a kind of scary robotic way that is unlike other things.

Here is the episode itself:

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