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Redneck Barfight - Christy Karacus

This is an animation called ‘Barfight’ and it is, as the title suggests, about a barfight in some American, redneck bar. It’s a continuous series of violent events that seems to escalate evermore crazy and violent where the characters in this bar rip each other apart. It’s extreme and over-the-top which is what I want for my animations. It is also badly drawn which I love! If anyone were to criticise the animation itself then they would conclude that the artist is not very skilled in drawing. The characters are flat and the setting is a bit off in terms of colour and perspective. The only thing that is making them animated is the amount of gore and speed of how the series of events unfold in this video ( This gives me confidence in my animations because I feel that I know a bit more on how to draw the human body better than him. But as this cartoon proves, you don’t really need to know that much if what your trying to make is as over-the-top as this. The skill is not the drawing but the story itself. Not to say I wont bother learning how to draw properly but this means that you can find shortcuts to your work that show merit in other things!

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