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Royal Blood

The other animation I've been really influenced by is a music video for the Rock band; Royal Blood. This song is called Out of the Black and there are these interludes of these quick but extremely violent animations that are in sync with the entire song. The animations were directed by David Wilson & Christy Karacas and coincidentally Ian Miller was one of the animators involved. The animations are short and fit so well with the song on its own because the violent imagery and the heavy drums and guitars link together so well with a constantly moving and violent image.

The blueish-grey colour that is the foundation tone of the animations is perfect too. It's a tone of colour that gives the viewer a sense of how dark it is and at night and this particular colour allows for the animators to use the type of red that's in the blood of the characters.

I need to find a particular foundation colour for my animation so that I can comfortably swing into colours when I need to use them for when things explode in my animation.

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