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Rayman is a platform video game that has, in my opinion, extraordinary character designs. It was these characters and their faces that have been quite crucial in the development of my own characters. The way each character has been drawn in the game is so that they react always melodramatically to whatever comes their way in the game. Each expression of fright or joy, for instance, is blown right out of proportion that they almost become unrecognisable. The game was designed for the family so the slapstick humour that we see in the game can be enjoyed by kids as well as adults. The faces can be frightening if isolated without context of the games story or settings which is what I want to take away from this. By isolating these extreme facial expressions or by drawing them myself, I take them out of context and their appearance changes to something other than childish. They almost become scary, which would be good for my concept for my animations. I can already see this occurring in my drawings in my sketchbook.

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