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Krzyztof Wodiczko

Projecting my animations onto a building will be the biggest doable thing to do with in reason. I want to see anyway if bigger is necessarily better for something like this. Even if the animation doesn't turn out the way I was imagining it to be then that's OK because at least I can say that I tried my had at doing something not many people have done before.

My main inspiration for this has been Krzyztof Wodiczko, a polish artist who's been projecting onto buildings since the 70s. My most favourite piece that he did was when he projected a swastika on the South Africa building in Trafalgar square.

South Africa House, Trafalgar Square, London, 1985

The artist improvised this display as a gesture of support to the anti-apartheid groups that staging their protests at that time during the 80s. He wanted to get the message across that what the South African government were doing to segregate minorities in their country was no different to the way the Nazi's segregated minorities. Hence the swastika.

Just like what Krystof did here with this piece, he disturbed the peace of a London evening by projecting a very offensive and out-of-place image. His massive projections combine public spectacles with critical exposure. Basically reacting to current affairs [Krzyztof Wodiczko, Public Address, p9, 1992]. On doing his projections he came to the conclusion that, in a totalitarian state, the artist best serves his fellow citizens by seeking "not only to contribute to the further the organisation of the rhythm of life, but to interrupt, interfere and intervene in the already highly organised rhythms of life" [Krzyztof Wodiczko, Public Address, p10, 1992]. I pretty much want to do something similar with my animations by going around Falmouth to disturb the peace of the town. And to become a fellow citizen who reveals an issue that we all no exists in our lives.

I'm not expecting my animations to pack this kind of punch and controversy yet I want my projection to have this kind of element of surprise to grab the outside audience. I'm inspired to make my animations as uncalled for and unexpected as this swastika. My animation will be a very unusual thing to happen in the little town of Falmouth.

My thoughts are that my animations I've made will be a starting point to what I want to get across which is that there's no point wasting energy getting pissed off about the petty things! Why not laugh instead! I doubt many people will catch on to that message just based on a wacky cartoon displayed on a building. However I am hopeful that people will get the feeling that no one needs to be as stressed out as my character in the film will be.

The loudness of the visuals will be extreme, the characters expression will be extreme, the forced explosions of the characters emotions will be extreme which will make the entire film a disturbing, yet oddly funny piece of work. Everything about this will all be over-the-top Just like Wodiczko's swastika on the South Africa House.

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