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My initial thoughts on how the animation should be that the character will begin with the ice-cream in hand then something happens to his ice-cream which sends him into an explosion emotional frenzies. These frenzies will range from complete raw anger to mad hysterics and laughter. Finally ending in a calm sea of visual silence. These frenzies should also be gradually detaching itself from the scene that its been placed in and begin appearing like the emotions are disappearing into nothingness.

This sequence of emotion portrayed is good because typically with first world problems, getting angry or pissed off is the usually the first emotion to sweep over somebody when something doesn't go according to plan (This is an extreme case and written to be over-the-top so that humour element can come in because this entire animation is meant to be funny as getting this worked up about something so petty is quite a funny thing to do in the grand scheme of things).

The character will then pause as he then falls into a pit of despair which will be a slow and moving couple of seconds before it errupts for another time, this time into a frenzy of laughter. Mad uncontrollable laughter. The point of the laughter is to mimic the humour element that's meant to be incorporated in all of this. The mad laughter is also an extreme example of how we may react when something goes terribly wrong in a life threatening situation and there's absolutely no hope of returning to normal. The irony is meant to come out through the mad frenzy of laughter. The animation will end with the character lying immobile having expelled all his energy reacting to the fact that he has the wrong cornetto.

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