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Jenny Holzer

Jenny Holzer is an American neo-conceptual artist whose work consists of large-scale projections of text onto huge buildings. Delivering hard-hearing, bold and prominent messages into the public domain.

This inspired me to think that bigger is better to try and get a message across. I was warned, however, that a surprising number of people will not pay any attention to large boards of signs when people are focused on getting on with their day. Also this may have something to do with there being too many big and bright messages and pictures around us and we are all too use it. Its human nature because people are used to seeing big things in a bustling society that a big motion picture on a building can go unnoticed. Therefore, it’ll be hard to shock or grab peoples’ attention.

Instead of a deep prominent message I want to take the piss out of that with my animations by using harder, funnier imagery. A character smashing his head on the side of a building sends off the correct funny message of hopelessness and lack of fear.

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