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George Condo

George Condo is an American artist who, influenced by a whole range of artists, makes work along the theme that he invented called ‘Psychological Cubism’.

I should mention I have used this artist before in last terms work because I was highly influenced by his explanation of what he called ‘A State of Mind’ to produce my wacky short animations. This explanation about a state of mind being, as he said in an interview: ‘Through the typography of the face you can convey the inner emotions and the inner states of mind of the subject of which you are painting’.

Last term this inspired me to depict the true emotions of the subject matters of my own paintings but in a cartoonish way. Instead of just depicting they’re true emotions, I went a step further and exaggerated them for a humorous effect. I find it hilarious because George Condo’s subjects un his paintings are people from everyday life and he is painting the true (but exaggerated) feeling that they’re experiencing in their faces. I want to take this further by going with this idea of exaggerating a person’s true emotions that lingers under the skin.

This term, I’m building up this way of approach towards my images by dragging out the reasons why we truly feel the way we do under our skins. The anxiety and rage that lingers within us for whatever reasons I believe is in conjunction with modern day living. Pet peeves, little problems, journeys to complaints about things and each other and our individual pursuits of an ideal life are, for many of us, the only things that we let loose our anger and frustration into the world. By using the typography of the face combined with the reason or situation that provoked the person to feel the way he/she does, we can reveal how he/she truly feels through an exaggerated, humorous lens.

The new characters I’ll be drawing will be centred around the exaggeration of the inner state of mind when it comes to petty things and I’ll be blowing them out of proportion because that is how they appear to me.

The state of mind is based on a typical first world person because it is easier to see the stability of a person’s mind in a safe and affluent society. There is a lot of anxiety going around for a fist world society where nothing life threatening happens.

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