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Nearly the Final Thing!

The film has finally come together after a good solid 4/5 days of working on it. I have now left myself the easy parts to complete which is the brushing up part. The long menial task of filling out each individual frame is over leaving me only the tarting up and adding icing on the cake.

I will come back to it with fresh eyes so that I can properly criticise and edit it properly. For the moment though, I do know I need to do these following things: Smoothed out a few lines in places and connect them as well. I need to add the shadow of the nose in a few frames where I forgot to. Lastly I need to a couple more frames in places to make the characters movement even smoother from one position to another because the previous frames I added to the third draft turned out not to be enough.

I'm so releaved I finally reached this point because now I can begin to focus again on projection and display which what I began this project on in the first place. I've still got all that research from January of those outdoor projection examples still in my head. I still want to carry some of those things out for myself; namely the Krzyztof Wodiczko examples I mentioned way back.

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