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Neon Genesis Evangelion

Neon Genesis Evangelion is a Japanese mecha television series about a dystopian future where these giant bio-machine mechas called Evangelions, piloted by humans, defend this highly fortified futuristic city of Tokyo from these abstract, demonic-like creatures called Angels.

The anime takes on a whole lot more than just machines fighting monsters as the series tries to answer deep, philosophical questions about self-worth, human connection and what and why we as individuals give meaning to things we possess dearly. As the anime dives into this realm of philosophy, the animation process changes with it and the one thing that profoundly stuck with me as I watched it was the way it was edited. Within the episodes the scenes would cut to a black screen midway through a monologue with a character or as a means to cut between scenes. This black screen would also have text in it that would spark the audience’s curiosity and add further confusion to the plot of the story. You are never certain who was speaking those words in the black screen intervals or what they hoped to accomplish in the anime until you reach the end.

It is this editing that process using the black screens that I’m very inspired by to try and incorporate in my animation for when I collaborate with Sam to use text to make the animation fuller and more wholesome as a piece of film. The editing in the anime makes the visuals change pace quite dramatically which is really impactful. An immediate change of pace in a film from extreme anger and fire to calm, quiet tranquillity can be a whole lot heavier to take in because of how unexpected it can be watching that kind of thing.

Episode 26 Take care of yourself:

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