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Third Draft of Film

This is the final draft of the animation film. All the Gifs that I've made in various PSDs in Photoshop have all been combined and joined together in this

How this worked was I made a series of Gifs on different Photoshop tabs which were made in such a way that they could be placed one after the other to make this relatively long piece of film. I would compile them together in Premiere Pro. The editing happens in places such as when the character changes from curiosity into utter anger (between 1:00 and 1:30). The change in expression is so overwhelmingly extreme that its not really a transition but a metamorphosis because the character is turning into a monster of frustration and anger.

This draft allowed me to see how the entire film will appear under a theme of being over-the-top and overly emotional about something really petty. For something like this it's no good not going all out on the slapstick humour because that is, for me at least, why you animate.

Animation gives you the freedom to be like this is what I realised.

From here I need to brush up on the line work throughout. For example I need to make them straighter and give them perspective my making the ones thicker in the foreground and thinner in the background for every scene. There are a few scenes in here that I need to think about adding some more frames in to make the character flow a little smoother because there are instances where the face moves from one frame to the other without me really knowing how he got there.

I will also begin thinking about how I want to fill the animation in with colour.

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