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George Matta - Clark

I've been taken-a-back by the artist George Matta - Clark because his work looks immediately unnerving even as photographs. He was an architect and artist whose work involves public buildings. His work has been described as unsettling and disorientating because his appears to break the laws of physics. Or simply disrupt the normality of things.

Splitting 1974.

Suburban house.

New Jersey.

For this piece he managed to cut the house right down the middle and took away some of its foundation from under one side and left the house as this uncomfortable looking house. You'd think its going to fall but it doesn't. He uses buildings as the basis for creating this discomfort because buildings are apart of our everyday lives. We use a building in some way or rather whether it be for work or home. Buildings are fairly central to our everyday living yet Matta-Clark disrupts the notion that buildings are this object of safety. By keeping a building slanted like this you create a sense of disorientation because it breaks up normality.

lecture inspirations

These are my lecture notes from the first time I heard about this artist. from then I did my research.

How this applies to my work is that I want to use buildings in much the same way. Buildings are these structures of safety and security and they are built to be just so. If my animation was suddenly displayed onto a public building, something that's big and an everyday site for most people that most people would take for granted, it would disrupt the norm in a similar way to Matta-Clark's work. I imagining it to be a shock to say the least because a wacky over the top cartoon wont be something people will expect to see when going to pick up some milk before dinner. Seeing an animation suddenly pop up in the middle of the town will be a disruption of the order of the night to a typical, Falmouth resident.

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