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The Animation Film

So far these are my stills of the animation film itself. I've had to thin about what kind of form I wanted the character to be in in his various explosive emotional states. To help me think this through I began drawing my character as a bean and played with his motions as this simple form which made life a lot easier.

I've been watching several animation tutorials to help me get to this point because I've had to get to grips with just how full on this medium is. I feel like I've improved on my observational skills because I've learnt more about form, mass, speed and volume from trying to animate my character than I have done trying to to life drawing. YouTube has been a wonderful help as usual.

So far my character has become a design that I've been using for some time. The difference is that this character has the distinguishing feature of a little goatee on his chin and a piggish looking nose. He's sluggish and lazy and doesn't show much sign of cognitive energy. I've wanted to make him look fairly primal so is to create a build up for his emotional tantrums that are about to come.

This still is so far my favourite bit of my animation because here the character is so close to bursting in complete uncontrolable anger that all the fibres in his face are taught with rage and tension that has to be released eventually.

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