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Animation Idea for Outdoor Projection

Today I've been doing character designs for this upcoming outdoor projection project.

I've been thinking of ways I can combine my themes and Sam Cook's theme, which is about social politics. He looks at why our society is the way it is and ultimately advocates for people to be happy and live by avoiding complications. All through text-based media.

Somehow we can combine my theme of taking the piss out of people who make mountains out of molehills through an animation.

My initial thoughts are that we we can revolve the animation around one character and he will revolve himself around an object that's critical to the film, something that causes him to explode into an emotional frenzy that reflects OUR emotional well being when it comes to mundane and petty things in our lives.

His idea was that we do this by using a Cornetto ice-cream as the object poor characters destructive emotional platform in this animation. The Cornetto idea came from a drunk conversation that he had with his mate where he fell into despair about how people complain all the time and wondered why people could not just be happy with what they had.

This was the ideal attitude I wanted for this animation and if I used the Cornetto as the object then I will somehow be able to bring it through into the film.

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