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Projection initiation

Now that I've fully established for myself that I want to see my animations displayed on a building, I now have to get some ideas, plans and advice on how to properly do it.

I've teamed up with Sam Cook on my course who's doing curating for his project who will be really handy to have on board to get this thing rolling. He tells me that the man who organised the Thrown Gauntlet Art Festival this week is going to be like a company and will be wanting more art to be involved with and throw out there for the public to see. If this projection can be one of the biggest things in the next event then I will be so proud. Getting hands deep into the organisation of an art festival such as this is exciting and new.

However lots of red tape and permissions are needed to go further. I'm getting in contact with all the necessary people who are involved with outdoor projections and buildings to project on.

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