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First Tutorial

My tutor explained to me that the animations I've been making were my best pieces during the assessments and encouraged me to continue with them further.

This gave me a big confidence boost because the animations have been the best things for me to make as well. I've steadily been going bigger and and longer with these animations, as you do with anything the longer you have at it. But I also want to go bigger with my displaying of them. They animations are bold, bright, visually noisy and in your face and I'm desperate to see what that may look like projected on a big screen. And I'm talking about a building sized big screen.

lecture inspirations

My lecture notes where I heard more about Tony Oursler and his work.

My tutor introduced me to the artist Tony Oursler who projects films and images onto objects. To me his works seem so obscure and yet eye-catching. In some of his works he takes individual features of the face and projects them separately onto an object in the gallery space which then makes up the piece which ends up being this obscure and almost disturbing moving object.

In creating these 'microcosmic' ( scenes, the viewer is momentarily transported into another dimension through these animated objects. Oursler wants to highlight the issue of how dependent we are on technology around us by isolating certain topics that technology produces for us.

I appreciate this because I also want to highlight certain issues with my animations such as our need to complain when they is no real cause for complaints. Each facial feature is bright and clear just how I'd want my animation to be. Although projecting onto strange forms such as what Oursler did here would not be what I'd go for because this doesn't seem loud enough to me.

If I wanted to be louder then that leaves me with one other option if I'm to continue projection. Projecting an animation as bold as mine outside onto a building will embrace the environment and hit a wider audience than simply projecting it in a gallery space.

In an extract from a book I read about Tony Oursler's work, It seemed to me that he wanted to put forth a suggestion through projection and address some serious issues regarding things like contemporary violence and sexual disturbances; "The central concern of Oursler's work is the perception of contemporary violence, sexual disturbance and psychological trauma by the individuals inescapable envelopment by mass media and technology " [Scream and scream again : film in art. Chrissie Iles. p2. 1996]. I like this way of approaching Oursler's work because he's addressing these issues quite subtly through creepy means such as projecting live body parts or voices in a gallery space onto objects. It's almost as if he's suggesting that the issues he addresses are serious. Whereas the issues I will address will be clearer and bolder through cartoons and slapstick humour projected onto a building. However, just projecting a cartoon onto a building probably wont be all obvious as I imagine it to be so I'll just have to experiment and see.

The main reason why I want to project my animations outside is to do something entirely new for myself. Being involved in this kind of organisation is something I've never really done before and I want to do, or at least attempt, something new and out of my comfort zone for my final year. It is unlikely I'll ever get this opportunity again.

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