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I’m fascinated by facial expressions and human behaviour in first world societies – typically, complaining. I strive to produce art that reveals the raw emotions that linger under all our skins. My practice, consisting of painting, drawing and animation of extreme facial expressions and slapstick humour, endeavours to bring to light the anxiety and unnecessary pressure inflicted upon ourselves by petty, pointless arguments that we all experience at some point in our busy lives. Heavily Miller, I reveal truths about our behaviours through the lens of slapstick humour by depicting extremely exaggerated expressions that satirise how some of us cry over spilt milk in our sheltered and comfortable lives.


BA (Hons) Fine Art | Graduated 2018 | Falmouth University

Fine Art (2:1)

Foundation Diploma | 2015 | Falmouth University

Art Foundation (Pass)

A-Levels | 2014 | Marlborough College


History of Art



University Exhibitions:

  • Fist Year Exhibition - ‘Out in the Open’ (Drawing, mixed media) 2016

  • Polly Exhibition - ‘Good luck, America’ (Painting) 2017

  • The Wrong Cornetto (Animated short Film) 2018

Other Exhibitions:

  • Copeland Park/ Bussey Building, Peckham, London - ‘Falmouth Fine Art’ (Painting) 2018

  • Fringe Arts Bath Festival, Bath – ‘Bath Open Art Prize’ (Animation) 2018

Skills & Abilities                                                                                       

Technical Skills:

Competent in Adobe Photoshop

Competent in Adobe After Effects

Competent in Adobe Premiere Pro

Competent in TV Paint

Competent in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel

Knowledgeable in some projection equipment

Creative skills:

Oil painting


Film making

Film editing


Other skills:

Sufficient in social media such as Instagram and Facebook

Sufficient in some woodwork skills (canvas stretching)

Team work

Customer service

Languages: English and Spanish

First Aid


Displayed my paintings at the Copeland Gallery, Peckham [2018]      

Copeland Park/ Bussey Building                                                                   

133 Copeland Road, Peckham                                                                                telephone: 020 7635 0000

London, SE15 3SN                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       


  • Ensuring the work got set up correctly

  • Making sure all the equipment was together after set up

  • Publicising the exhibition - making the time and whereabouts known

  • Keeping the exhibition space clean and tidy

  • Invigilating


  • Teamwork

  • Communication and good rapport skills with viewers

  • Attention to detail

  • Confidence in my work

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